23 Jan 2018

TV as an idea that it is a waste of time.

“Television is truly an evil invention. In ‘The Idiot’s Lantern‘, an evil alien presence tries to take over 1950’s Great Britain by sucking the minds out of telly viewers while they watch Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. Brainless.”

Loving Who, Mojocastle Press, 2008 (fan book)

The producer holds the keys to the encoded message that gets send to the receivers.

TEXTUAL DETERMINISM the position that meaning is determined by a text’s form and content

We are determent in our use to decide what the author says. (the audience have limited value)

Shannon Weaver Communication Theory: https://www.communicationtheory.org/shannon-and-weaver-model-of-communication/

History is like an author.

How much is an author allowed to change the story.

The death of the author comes the birth of the reader.

FILM ‘The Death of the Author’ Simplified (Roland Barthes) WATCH  

Putting together things that is where the originality appears (the combination).

Reader is more important than the author.

EVERYDAY LIFE Michel de Certeau places the emphasis on consumer (pedestrian, reader, city dweller) and consumer production (rather than producer (writer, scientist, city planner) and product (book, discourse, city street) thus e.g. how ordinary people escape the boundaries of modern planners.

Write a fanfic about Yung Lean:

I have been a fan of Yung Lean for a couple of years. As a fellow scandi I feel as if we have a bond only scandis have.

I have never met Yung Lean (born Jonathan Leandor), but I have seen one of his shows.

I feel in love with Leans music because of the fun of it.

Who is Lean to me?




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